Tom Walker's

Gospel Train Big Band


Marsha Walker

My wife and I were thrilled, encouraged, blessed and challenged at your
concert in St. Louis last night. You have put together a great concept! The
band was great, the vocals inspiring, and the banter between you two made the
evening a delight. Where else can you hear a professional big band performance and be edified at the same time? You could set up camp in Branson!
— Art & Kathy - St. Louis
Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend. It was absolutely fantastic. It was so professional and so entertaining. It was like going to a show or a theater, but rather the show came to us. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a more entertaining show put on by Salvationists. God has blessed you both with so much talent.

Take care.
— From A Servant's Heart, Major Randy Hellstrom, Rockford, IL
I woke in the middle of the night . . . thinking about the Gospel Train Big Band Concert. I haven’t even had a chance to share with you my (our) thanks for what the two of you brought to us. I’ve tried to imagine the amount of personal effort it took for to bring that event about. Most of us have no idea how it happened but I know it had to take a lot out of you. Thanks!! Thanks!! Thanks!!

The event was such a quality production in so many ways. You and Marsha brought to Gateway (Church) a production that we can be very proud of. The quality of music and presentation was first class. The gospel presentation was given in a way that was forthright and unembarrassing. You made for a pleasant,entertaining evening that enhanced the image of The Salvation Army and glorified the name of Jesus. I still can sense the pleasure of the 300 plus attending as they were entertained and blessed by what happened that evening.

I hope that as a corps we will learn the value of quality of presentation. You brought us a package that will be difficult to beat and we need to continue that standard in all that we do. We want to honor God and The Salvation Army.

Blessings and love to yoy both. We’re so grateful for the way you gave so freely of yourselves.

PS: I believe you brought pleasure to God as well as all of us who attended. It’s nice to be a part of what God is doing in our midst.
— Dick and Mary St. Louis, MO
God bless the GTBB and you and Marsha.

The band sounds great!
— Norris M San Antonio, TX
I have recently attended the Gospel Train Big Band fundraiser in Laurel, MS, produced by Tom Walker. It was held at First Baptist Church to benefit The Salvatoin Army camping program. Tom uses local musicians, in this case many of the advanced students from the University of Southern Mississippi with other area musicians, to produce a “big band” concert using arrangements of gospel tunes. They also accompanied the outstanding vocal talents of Marsha (Colbert) Walker. It was spectacular! The music was great! Their witness was great! And they continually worked in the message of camp through their own camping experiences with the Army. You may want to consider this for some other fundraiser or promotion in your unit. It could be a signature event for your communities if you pursued it well.
— John R. Jones, Major Divisional Commander